JONES, WILLIAM (1718-1773?), early Methodist exhorter, and possibly the first Anglesey Methodist

Name: William Jones
Date of birth: 1718
Date of death: 1773?
Child: Hugh Jones
Parent: Hugh Jones
Gender: Male
Occupation: early Methodist exhorter, and possibly the first Anglesey Methodist
Area of activity: Religion
Author: William Griffith

christened 28 July 1718, son of Hugh Jones of Trefollwyn near Llangefni, who was coroner and high constable. He was converted by Howel Harris, perhaps in Llŷn in 1741, became closely associated with the leaders of Welsh Methodism and with the Wesleys, and was active in introducing Methodism into Anglesey — his letters (1747-9) are of great value as evidence of this penetration. Yet he is ignored by the historians of Anglesey Methodism, and Robert Jones of Rhos-lan, though he never mentions him by name, seems to hint at the reasons for his eclipse. It is certain that he adhered to Harris at the disruption, but Harris soon fell foul of him, thinking him an Antinomian. And Thomas William (1717 - 1765) of Eglwysilan hints in 1751 that Jones had become a Moravian. However that may have been, we hear no more of him; and it is far from certain that he was the William Jones whose burial on 25 July 1773 is recorded in Llangefni parish register.

As the writer of the above article has now pointed out, in his recent book Methodistiaeth Fore Môn (Caernarvon, 1955), p. 94, William Jones of Trefollwyn cannot have been the man who died in 1773. Henllys MS. 138 at Bangor is a copy of the will (signed 12 February 1779) of Jane Sacheverell, sister of William Jones and of John Jones (died 1761) of Trefollwyn, sheriff of Anglesey in 1750. She leaves money to her brother ‘William Jones, merchant, of Liverpool,’ to his son Hugh, then ‘a mariner,’ and to other members of his family, including ‘his present wife,’ which implies that he had married more than once. William Jones, then (there is, by the way, other evidence connecting him with Liverpool), was alive in February 1779. It may be noted in passing that he and the Cymmrodor William Lloyd (1717 - 1777) of Cowden were cousins — their mothers were sisters. See J. E. Griffith, Pedigrees, 93.



Published date: 1959

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