JONES, RICHARD (1603? - 1673), schoolmaster and translator of religious works

Name: Richard Jones
Date of birth: 1603?
Date of death: 1673
Parent: John Lewis
Gender: Male
Occupation: schoolmaster and translator of religious works
Area of activity: Education; Literature and Writing; Religion; Scholarship and Languages
Author: Griffith Milwyn Griffiths

son of John Lewis of Llansannan, Denbs. Educated at Balliol College, Oxford, he graduated B.A. February 1628-9, and M.A. June 1633. Under the Commonwealth he became an itinerant minister and subsequently a schoolmaster in Denbigh Free School. He is known to have been appointed to Denbigh School before February 1656-7, probably a short time previously. He was ejected in 1660. He died August 1673. The first of his translations to be published was Galwad i'r Annychweledig, 1659, from Richard Baxter's Call to the Unconverted. In a composite volume published in 1672 by Stephen Hughes appears his Rhodfa Feunyddiol y Christion, translated from Henry Oasland's Christian's Daily Walk, and Amdo i Babyddiaeth, from Richard Baxter's A Winding Sheet for Popery. Hyfforddiadau Christionogol, translated from T. Gouge's Christian Directions, appeared in 1675, posthumously, as also did Bellach neu Byth, a translation of Baxter's Now or Never in 1677. (See the preceding article.)


Published date: 1959

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