JONES, DAVID (1803 - 1868), ballad-writer and strolling ballad-singer

Name: David Jones
Date of birth: 1803
Date of death: 1868
Parent: David Jones
Gender: Male
Occupation: ballad-writer and strolling ballad-singer
Area of activity: Music; Performing Arts; Poetry
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

Born in 1803 on the estate of Dolau Bach, Llanybyther, Carmarthenshire, son of David Jones, carpenter. He was blinded by accident, and was hence known as ‘Dewi Dywyll’ (‘Blind Davy’) — he was also called ‘Dewi Medi.’ He was a very well known singer throughout Wales, and is described in Cymru (O.M.E.), xxix, 158. He died at Lampeter in 1868. We have seventy of his ballads.


Published date: 1959

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