JONES, DAVID (1770 - 1831), Congregational minister, hymnist, and musician

Name: David Jones
Date of birth: 1770
Date of death: 1831
Gender: Male
Occupation: Congregational minister, hymnist, and musician
Area of activity: Music; Poetry; Religion
Author: Robert David Griffith

Born October 1770, at Coed-y-ddôl, Llanuwchllyn, Mer. By trade he was a maker of wooden domestic dishes and utensils. Whilst still a young man he went to Wrexham for a course of instruction at the Academy conducted by Jenkin Lewis. In 1801 he took charge of the Congregational church at Holywell, Flints. He published a collection of hymns in 1821 (2nd ed. the same year and a 3rd ed. in 1826); this work included a treatise entitled Egwyddorion neu Dôn-raddau Peroriaeth a amcanwyd yn bennaf er anogaeth a chynorthwy i bobl ieuanc. In 1831 he went to Manchester to collect money in aid of the weak churches. He died 25 August 1831 at Liverpool as the result of an accident; he was buried at Holywell.


Published date: 1959

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