JONES, WILLIAM COLLISTER (1772 - ?), printer at Chester;

Name: William Collister Jones
Date of birth: 1772
Date of death: ?
Parent: Sarah Jones
Parent: William Jones
Gender: Male
Occupation: printer
Place: Chester
Area of activity: Printing and Publishing
Author: William Llewelyn Davies

christened 12 July 1772, son of William and Sarah Jones, Chester. W. C. Jones and Thomas Crane were printing Welsh books in partnership from about 1796; in 1797 they began to print George Lewis, Drych Ysgrythyrol. In 1798 they arranged to print Welsh religious works for Thomas Charles, Bala, and Thomas Jones, Denbigh; in that year, however, the name of Crane disappears from the imprints. W. C. Jones's name appears in T. Charles, Hanes Fer o For-Daith y Llong Duff. W. C. Jones was the first printer of Trysorfa Ysprydol, i.e. from 1799 to 1802. In the latter year the arrangement with T. Charles and T. Jones came to an end; in 1803 they had their own printer at Bala, Robert Saunderson. Saunderson had learnt his craft at W. C. Jones's Chester office; other W. C. Jones apprentices were Thomas Gee and John Broster. It is probable that W. C. Jones ceased to publish Welsh books about 1807.


Published date: 1959

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