JONES, CADWALADR (1794 - 1883), stonemason and musician

Name: Cadwaladr Jones
Date of birth: 1794
Date of death: 1883
Parent: Cathrin Cadwaladr Jones
Parent: John Cadwaladr Jones
Gender: Male
Occupation: stonemason and musician
Area of activity: Business and Industry; Music
Author: Robert David Griffith

Born at Talgruffydd, near Castell Prysor, Trawsfynydd, Mer., in 1794, the son of John and Cathrin Cadwaladr Jones. He used to walk from Trawsfynydd to Bangor to receive lessons from Dr. Pring, the cathedral organist. He was precentor at Trawsfynydd church for fifty years; when his voice began to fail he used to lead the congregation by playing the violin. He had a choir at Trawsfynydd and also rendered valuable service by holding music classes in the neighbourhood. His compositions included several anthems and hymn-tunes. He was blind during the latter years of his life. He died 3 January 1883 at Brynrwy, Trawsfynydd.


Published date: 1959

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