JOHN, THOMAS (1816 - 1862), Calvinistic Methodist minister

Name: Thomas John
Date of birth: 1816
Date of death: 1862
Parent: Hannah John
Parent: Lewis John
Gender: Male
Occupation: Calvinistic Methodist minister
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Gomer Morgan Roberts

Born 29 September 1816 at Kilgerran, Pembrokeshire, son of Lewis and Hannah John. He joined the Calvinistic Methodists c. 1837 and began to preach in 1839. He was ordained at the S. Davids Association, 1846, underwent training at Trevecka in 1849, and d. 27 November 1862. He was a celebrated preacher in his day. His bony, emaciated body, his pallid countenance, and his dramatic and bodeful manner when preaching inspired his congregations with something akin to terror.


Published date: 1959

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