JEFFREYS, JOHN GWYN (1809 - 1885), conchologist

Name: John Gwyn Jeffreys
Date of birth: 1809
Date of death: 1885
Gender: Male
Occupation: conchologist
Area of activity: Nature and Agriculture; Science and Mathematics
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

Born 18 January 1809 at Swansea, of a long line of solicitors, and educated at Swansea grammar school. He was himself a solicitor, but from boyhood had been attracted to conchology, and at 19 had had a paper on molluscs published by the Linnean Society. As he had a good partner in his firm, he was enabled to devote more and more time to his researches, and to purchase a yacht for dredging. He removed to London in 1856 and was called to the Bar, but in 1866 totally abandoned the law. Meantime, he had begun to produce a standard work on British shells; the first volume appeared in 1862, and the fifth and last in 1869. Afterwards, he began dredging at depths hitherto deemed unapproachable, and in this way greatly enlarged our knowledge of conchology (1869, 1870, 1880). He died suddenly, 24 January 1885, in London. He had been elected F.R.S. in 1840, and was honorary LL.D. of S. Andrews.


Published date: 1959

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