ISFAEL (ISHMAEL) (fl. 6th century), saint

Name: Isfael
Parent: Buddig
Gender: Male
Occupation: saint
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Thomas Jones Pierce

He deserves notice because of close links with several better-known contemporaries. Teilo is said to have been his uncle, Tyféi and Oudoceus, his brothers. He also appears among S. David's disciples, and, in Lib. Land., he is claimed as David's successor at Menevia. His cult was certainly confined to Dyfed (with one exception all the churches named after him are in Pembrokeshire); and, indeed, tradition avers that his father, Buddig, a Breton prince, lived for a time as an exile in Dyfed, being married there to Anauved, Teilo's sister.


Published date: 1959

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