IEUAN (IFAN) o GARNO (Syr) (fl. c. 1530-1570), poet and cleric, of Carno, Montgomeryshire

Name: Ieuan (ifan) O Garno
Child: Owain Gwynedd
Gender: Male
Occupation: poet and cleric
Place: Carno
Area of activity: Poetry; Religion
Author: Ray Looker

Jesus Coll. MS. 18 (30) and N.L.W. MS. 1559 (664) describe him as the father of the poet Owain Gwynedd. A number of his poems remain in manuscript, including cywyddau and englynion of controversy or ymryson, addressed to Huw Arwystli, love poems, and various other englynion which include two apparently composed on an obscure incident involving the removal of the poet's books and other belongings.


Published date: 1959

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