HYWEL ap IEUAF (died 985), king of Gwynedd

Name: Hywel Ap Ieuaf
Date of death: 985
Parent: Ieuaf ap Idwal Foel
Gender: Male
Occupation: king of Gwynedd
Area of activity: Politics, Government and Political Movements; Royalty and Society
Author: Thomas Jones Pierce

son of Ieuaf ab Idwal Foel. In 979 he avenged his father by imprisoning his uncle, Iago ab Idwal and assuming the kingship of Gwynedd himself. He was succeeded by his brother, Cadwallon (died 986), who also had no direct male heir. The line was carried on by the heirs of an uncle, Meurig ab Idwal Foel.


Published date: 1959

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