HUMPHREYS (later HUMPHREYS-DEVONPORT), Sir SALUSBURY PRYCE (1778 - 1845), rear-admiral

Name: Salusbury Pryce Humphreys
Date of birth: 1778
Date of death: 1845
Spouse: Maria Humphreys (née Devonport)
Parent: Mary Humphreys (née Pryce)
Parent: Evan Humphreys
Gender: Male
Occupation: rear-admiral
Area of activity: Military
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

b. in November 1778, son of Evan Humphreys, rector of Montgomery and of Clungunford; his mother (Mary) was daughter of Salusbury Pryce, for fifty-three years rector of Meifod. He is recorded here because as captain of the Leopard in 1807, he seized the American warship Chesapeake, an act which provoked a grave crisis in the U.S. attitude towards Britain, and also led to his own temporary retirement; later on, however, he became rear-admiral, and was knighted in 1834. His additional surname (1838) was that of his second wife. He died 15 November 1845.


Published date: 1959

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