HUMPHREYS, HENRY (fl. 1819-1824), harpist

Name: Henry Humphreys
Parent: Edward Humphreys
Gender: Male
Occupation: harpist
Area of activity: Music; Performing Arts
Author: Robert David Griffith

the son of Edward Humphreys. He lived at Welshpool at the beginning of the 19th century. He took second prize at the Carmarthen eisteddfod of 1819, whilst at the Brecon eisteddfod of 1822 and that held at Welshpool in 1824, he won the silver harps that were offered. He composed the air called ' Holl ieuenctyd Cymru ' which he published in 1824, with variations for the triple harp. He was family harpist at Powis castle and it is surmised that it was there that he died.


Published date: 1959

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