GRUFFYDD, ROBERT (1753 - 1820), musician

Name: Robert Gruffydd
Date of birth: 1753
Date of death: 1820
Gender: Male
Occupation: musician
Area of activity: Music; Religion
Author: Robert David Griffith

Born at Pen-cefn, Llanbeblig, Caernarfonshire. He came to be known as ‘Cantwr Salmau’ because he visited churches to teach the congregations to sing. Owen Williams o Fôn in his Gamut, testifies to Robert Gruffydd's musical skill and believed that he had composed several hymntunes for Brenhinol Ganiadau Seion (Owen Williams). He wrote ‘Difyrwch gwŷr Caernarfon’ and ‘Difyrwch gwŷr y Gogledd’ — the latter is found in hymn-tune books under the name of ‘Trefdeyrn.’ There are anthems by him to the words ‘Mor hawddgar yw dy bebyll,’ ‘Arglwydd, clyw fy ngweddi,’ and ‘Ein Tad, yr hwn sydd yn y nefoedd.’ He died 17 August 1820. On his gravestone he is called ‘Robert Griffith, late singing-master of Llanbeblig.’


Published date: 1959

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