GRUFFUDD, RHISIART (Rhisiart Gruffudd ap Huw ?) (fl. c. 1569), poet and native of Anglesey.

Name: Rhisiart Gruffudd
Gender: Male
Occupation: poet
Place: Anglesey
Area of activity: Poetry
Author: Ray Looker

No details of his life are to be found, but some of his poems remain in manuscripts. These include two englynion (B.M. Add. MS. 14898 (42b); Mostyn MS. 129 (324); a poem begging the reconciliation of Sir Richard Bulkeley of Anglesey with his second wife, Agnes, in Mostyn MS. 145 (490). She was accused of having tried to poison her husband; see Angharad Llwyd, History of Anglesey, 143; and another seeking the reconciliation of Sir Richard Bulkeley with William Lewis, also of Anglesey (Mostyn MS. 144 (508)). It is not certain whether he is the Rhisiart Gruffudd ap Huw whose poetry is found in Llanst. MS. 49 (93); N.L.W. MSS. 5283 (51, 122), and 9166 (251).


Published date: 1959

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