GRONOW, REES HOWELL (1794 - 1865), writer of memoirs

Name: Rees Howell Gronow
Date of birth: 1794
Date of death: 1865
Parent: William Gronow
Gender: Male
Occupation: writer of memoirs
Area of activity: History and Culture; Literature and Writing
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

Born 7 May 1794, he was the eldest son of William Gronow (died 1830) of Swansea. From Eton he went into the army, was ensign in 1812, served in Spain 1812-14, was at Waterloo, and was afterwards made captain; but he left the army in 1821, and being a man of means lived the life of a man-about-town. His knowledge of war and society gives value to his four books: Reminiscences of Captain Gronow, 1862; Recollections and Anecdotes, 1863; Celebrities of London and Paris, 1865; and Last Recollections, being the fourth and final series, 1866. He died in Paris 20 November 1865.


Published date: 1959

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