GRIFFITHS, THOMAS (1645 - 1725), first minister of the Welsh Tract Baptist church in the present state of Delaware, U.S.A.

Name: Thomas Griffiths
Date of birth: 1645
Date of death: 1725
Spouse: Elizabeth Griffiths
Child: Judith Morgan (née Griffiths)
Gender: Male
Occupation: first minister of the Welsh Tract Baptist church
Place: Delaware U.S.A.
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Benjamin George Owens

He was born at Llanfyrnach, Pembs., in 1645, but is described with Elizabeth, his wife, as ‘of Melinau’ in the roll of members of Rhydwilym church in 1689. There is no evidence in the church register either that he was baptized there, as some reports say, in 1677, or that he became one of the ordained assistants of William Jones (d. c. 1700), but it is known that it was he who led the small group of church members who emigrated to America in 1701, settling first at Penepek, Pennsylvania, and in 1703 at Welsh Tract. He died 25 July 1725, aged eighty, and was buried, according to some writers, at Penepek, but according to others (more probably) at Pencader, Delaware. He was the father-in-law of Abel Morgan.


Published date: 1959

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