GRIFFITHS, ROBERT (1805 - 1883), engineer and inventor

Name: Robert Griffiths
Date of birth: 1805
Date of death: 1883
Gender: Male
Occupation: engineer and inventor
Area of activity: Business and Industry; Engineering, Construction, Naval Architecture and Surveying
Author: Griffith Milwyn Griffiths

b. 13 December 1805, at Llewenny farm in the vale of Clwyd, Denbs. As a youth he was apprenticed to a carpenter. He was subsequently employed in engine works at Birmingham. In 1845 he went to France, and, in conjunction with M. Labruère, founded engineering works at Havre. These, however, closed down in about three years. Both on his own, and in collaboration with others, he took out patents for many engineering devices. His best known contribution to engineering was an amended method of screw propulsion for ships. He died in June 1883.


Published date: 1959

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