GRIFFITHS, MORRIS (fl. 1766-1805) Methodist exhorter, afterwards Baptist minister, and hymn-writer

Name: Morris Griffiths
Gender: Male
Occupation: Methodist exhorter, afterwards Baptist minister, and hymn-writer
Area of activity: Poetry; Religion
Author: Gomer Morgan Roberts

In 1766 he was a Methodist exhorter at Prendergast, near Haverfordwest; in 1776, when he called at Trevecka, he was a lay preacher. In 1779 he was baptized at Llangloffan and in 1788 was ordained one of the ministers of that church. He died in 1805. He is often confused with Morris Griffiths of Trefgarn (see the preceding article). He published: Marwnad … John Davies, Pregethwr yr efengyl yn Sir Benbro, c. 1765; Defnyddiol Hymnau i Breswylwyry Graig (Trevecka 1779); Llythyr Caredig, 1786; Egwyddorion Difinyddiaeth, 1789 — a kind of confession of faith, each point being followed by a bit of verse, and three hymns; and Dammeg, mewn Dull o Y mddiddan rhwng Credadyn a Mr. Ewyllys-Rhydd a Satan (Trevecka). According to Gwilym Lleyn, he also published Dull o Ymddiddan rhwng Gweinidog yr Efengyl a Disgybl ieuanc dan holiad in 1784. His hymns never achieved popularity.


Published date: 1959

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