GREGORY, HENRY (1637? - 1700?), preacher with the Arminian Baptists

Name: Henry Gregory
Date of birth: 1637?
Date of death: 1700?
Gender: Male
Occupation: preacher with the Arminian Baptists
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Thomas Richards

Gregory became leader of ‘the people of Hugh Evans’ (died 1656); this is substantiated by the report of Henry Maurice in 1675 that he was a teaching elder of the Arminians of West Radnor and North Brecknock who had their meeting-place at Cwm (Cwm Fardy, tradition says) in the parish of Llanddewi Ystradenny, at the house of Peter Gregory. There is not a word of Henry Gregory having to appear at the Brecon consistory court up to the end of 1668, but Joshua Thomas has much to say of bitter experiences of his in the years that followed, together with the dire fate that befell his persecutors.


Published date: 1959

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