EVANS, JOHN (1770 - 1851), land surveyor, schoolmaster, and musician

Name: John Evans
Date of birth: 1770
Date of death: 1851
Gender: Male
Occupation: land surveyor, schoolmaster, and musician
Area of activity: Economics and Money; Education; Engineering, Construction, Naval Architecture and Surveying; Music; Religion
Author: Robert David Griffith

b. at Rhuddlan, Flints. His father was parish clerk of Rhuddlan, and the son followed the same occupation for a while. When 16 years old he opened a school to which pupils came from considerable distances to receive instruction in arithmetic and navigation. He published two works called Cyfrifydd Parod (i.e. ready reckoner) — the one for the use of persons buying and selling grain, the other for use in measuring timber and haystacks. He was a good musician and played the ‘cello in church. His anthem ‘O deuwch i'r dyfroedd,’ and his hymn-tunes ‘Myfyrdod’ and ‘Rhuddlan,’ became popular. He prepared a work on ‘Thorough Bass’ and collected together some hymn-tunes for publication, but all these were lost on their way to the printer. He d. 31 March 1851.


Published date: 1959

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