ELLI, saint (fl. 6th cent.).

Name: Elli
Gender: Male
Occupation: saint
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Hywel David Emanuel

The ‘Vita Cadoci,’ composed in the late 11th cent., is the only source for the legend of S. Elli. It relates that when S. Cadoc, in the course of his travels in foreign lands, landed upon a group of islands called the islands of Grimbul, the queen of that region implored him to free her from the curse of barrenness. S. Cadoc interceded for her, and eventually she bore a son, Elli, whom she entrusted to the care of S. Cadoc. The latter brought the infant Elli with him to Llancarfan, fostering and educating him with great care. The ‘Vita’ goes on to say that when S. Cadoc was preparing to depart to Benevento, it was Elli whom he appointed to succeed him as abbot. Elli used to visit his master annually until the latter's death. Miscellaneous documents added at the end of the ‘Vita Cadoci’ mention the ‘Atrium Album’ in which Elli dwelt, and tell of the founding by Elli, at an unspecified place, of a monastic establishment which was to be ever subject to the ‘familia’ of S. Cadoc. Two churches are named after S. Elli, Llanelly, in Carms., and Llanelly in Brecknock. The feast of S. Elli is given as 23 January


Published date: 1959

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