EDWARD ap HYWEL ap GRUFFYDD (fl. 15th century), writer of cywyddau

Name: Edward Ap Hywel Ap Gruffydd
Gender: Male
Occupation: writer of cywyddau
Area of activity: Poetry
Author: Mary Gwendoline Ellis

Very little of his work is extant. In N.L.W. MS. 6471 there are two copies of his cywydd ' to ask Sir Richard for a cloak.' It can be deduced from this that it is addressed to Richard Redman, bishop of S. Asaph from 1471 to 1496. In Mostyn MS. 144 two englynion are attributed to Edward ap Hywel, but Pen. MS. 99 attributes one of them to Siôn Tudur.


Published date: 1959

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