DOGMAEL (DOGFAEL, DOGWEL), saint (fl. 6th century).

Name: Dogmael
Parent: Ithel ap Ceredig ap Cunedda Wledig
Gender: Male
Occupation: saint
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Hywel David Emanuel

No details of the life of S. Dogmael are extant. The Welsh genealogies connect him with one of the three saintly tribes of Wales by making him the son of Ithel ap Ceredig ap Cunedda Wledig. To judge from the churches bearing his name, his activities in Wales were confined almost entirely to Pembrokeshire; for Llandudoch or S. Dogmaels (on the Teifi, opposite Cardigan) together with Capel Degwel in the same parish, S. Dogwell's (near Fish-guard), Mynachlog-ddu, and Meline are all in that county. The only exception is the church of Llanddogwel in Anglesey, formerly a parish in itself, but later attached to Llanfechell. In the 12th century a Benedictine priory was established on the site of Dogmael's chief foundation at Llandudoch. Traces of a S. Dogmael are to be found also in Brittany. Both 14 June and 31 October are quoted in different sources as his feast day.


Published date: 1959

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