DAVIES, MOSES (1799 - 1866), musician

Name: Moses Davies
Date of birth: 1799
Date of death: 1866
Child: David Davies
Child: William Davies
Gender: Male
Occupation: musician
Area of activity: Music; Performing Arts; Religion
Author: Robert David Griffith

Born in 1799 at Devynnock, Brecknock; his parents removed to Merthyr Tydfil in 1803. Possessing a good voice, he studied music, acquired by his own efforts considerable mastery, and held classes in music. As precentor (1827) of the C.M. chapel at Pontmorlais, he was one of the pioneers of congregational music in the Merthyr district. He was the first to substitute women for men in the singing of treble parts — an innovation which provoked such opposition that he resigned his precentorship, but was induced to resume it in 1834, greatly to the benefit of the congregation; apart from an absence of six years (1842-8) in London, he remained in office thenceforth. He composed some twenty-four hymn-tunes, which can be seen in Telyn Seion (R. Beynon), Caniadau Seion (R. Mills), and Haleliwia (Griffith Harries). He died 6 January 1866, and was buried at Cefn-coed-cymer. He was the father of William Davies, ‘Mynorydd’.


Published date: 1959

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