DAVIES, JOHN (1868 - 1940), author

Name: John Davies
Date of birth: 1868
Date of death: 1940
Gender: Male
Occupation: author
Area of activity: Literature and Writing
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

Author of Bywyd a Gwaith Moses Williams, born at Betws (near Abergele), 23 October 1868, and first cousin to John Evans of Eglwys-bach (1840 - 1897), was educated at Liverpool Institute and spent many years in the clerical service of the G.W.R. at Newport, Cardiff, and Bridgwater. He retired to Cardiff, died there 15 March 1940, and was buried at Llanishen. Throughout his life he was a voracious reader and a great book-buyer; he wrote well in Yr Eurgrawn, Y Drysorfa, and other periodicals, and won prizes for essays at the national eisteddfod in 1930, 1931, and 1939. He was warmly patriotic, and one of the effects of his exile at Bridgwater was an interest in the career of another Welshman who once lived there, Moses Williams (1685 - 1742). This curiosity led him to diligent research; after his retirement he travelled widely to examine manuscripts and to collect materials for a substantial work on Moses Williams. The work was published in 1937 by the University of Wales Press, but on a much smaller scale than its author had contemplated (see Arch. Camb., June 1938, 152-4).


Published date: 1959

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