CYNWRIG HIR (' the Tall '), of Edeirnion (fl. 1093).

Name: Cynwrig Hir
Gender: Male
Place: Edeirnion
Area of activity: Politics, Government and Political Movements; Literature and Writing
Author: David Myrddin Lloyd

The History of Gruffydd ap Cynan relates how Cynwrig came to Chester, where Gruffydd had been a prisoner of earl Hugh for twelve years, how he saw the prince lying in chains, bore him away while the burgesses were having a meal, sheltered him secretly under his roof, and then took him to Anglesey. If the story is true, it was an event of great consequence to Welsh history in view of the subsequent careers of Gruffydd and his descendants. Arthur Jones (editor of the History) and Sir J. E. Lloyd do not agree on the length of Gruffydd's imprisonment, nor, as a result, on the date of Cynwrig's visit to Chester, and Lloyd did not place 'absolute confidence' in the story. The History is, nevertheless, an early authority.


Published date: 1959

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