CYNIDR, saint (fl. 6th century)

Name: Cynidr
Parent: Geingar ferch Brychan
Parent: Gwladys ferch Brychan
Parent: Gwynllyw
Gender: Male
Occupation: saint
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Hywel David Emanuel

Few biographical details are known concerning this saint. In both the ‘De Situ Brecheniauc’ (Wade-Evans, Vitae Sanctorum Britanniae et Genealogiae, 313-5) and the ‘Cognacio Brychan’ (op. cit., 315-8), Cynidr is described as the son of Ceingair, daughter of Brychan; but his father's name is not mentioned. The ‘Generatio Sancti Egweni’ (op. cit., 319), however, makes Cynidr the son of Gwynllyw and Gwladys, and therefore a brother to Saint Cadoc. Cynidr is perhaps the Keneder mentioned in the composite ‘Life’ of S. Cadoc as one of the saints accompanying S. Cadoc in his altercation with king Arthur. Cynidr seems to have been most active in Brecknock, where the churches of Llangynidr, Aberyskir, Llan-y-wern, Cantref, and Glasbury were all originally named after him. His legend is known too at Kenderchurch and Winforton in the county of Hereford. The festival of S. Cynidr is celebrated usually on 8 December


Published date: 1959

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