CRADOCK, RICHARD (fl. 1660-90), Nonconformist preacher, of the Independent persuasion

Name: Richard Cradock
Gender: Male
Occupation: Nonconformist preacher, of the Independent persuasion
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Thomas Richards

He was reported by the Llandaff authorities in 1669 as teacher at the Newton Nottage conventicle in company with the Baptist Lewis Thomas, which seems to show Baptists and Independents arriving at a concordat under the stress of persecution; in 1672 he did not take out a licence to preach under the Declaration of Indulgence, but Watkin Cradock did so at his own house in Nottage, this Cradock, presumably, being son or brother to Richard. He had been teaching elder in the Cilfwnwr congregation (later Tirdoncyn) since March 1666; this is supported by the report of the Glamorgan churches sent by Henry Maurice to Broadmead in 1675, and by the entry in the Tirdoncyn register recording Cradock's death on 6 July 1690.


Published date: 1959

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