COX, LEONARD (fl. 1524-72), schoolmaster and author

Name: Leonard Cox
Parent: Elizabeth Cox
Parent: Laurence Cox
Gender: Male
Occupation: schoolmaster and author
Area of activity: Education; Literature and Writing
Author: Walter Thomas Morgan

second son of Laurence Cox of Monmouth by Elizabeth his wife. He graduated B.A. at Cambridge, but removed in 1528 to Oxford and was admitted to the B.A. degree of that University, 19 February 1529/30. He afterwards became headmaster of the grammar school, Reading, a post which he occupied till 1546. He later went to live at Caerleon, where he taught school. In 1572 he became headmaster of Coventry grammar school. He was learned in modern languages and had travelled extensively on the continent of Europe. He was a friend of Erasmus and Melanchthon and was himself distinguished as a rhetorician and a grammarian. In 1524 he wrote The Art and Crafte of Rhethoryke and in 1540 Commentaries upon Will. Lily's Construction of the eight parts of speech. He also translated from Greek to Latin Marcus Eremita de Lege et Spiritu and from Latin to English Erasmus's Paraphrase of the Epistle to Titus, 1549.


Published date: 1959

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