CHURCHEY, WALTER (1747 - 1805), attorney and versifier

Name: Walter Churchey
Date of birth: 1747
Date of death: 1805
Spouse: Mary Churchey (née Bevan)
Child: Walter Churchey
Gender: Male
Occupation: attorney and versifier
Area of activity: Law; Poetry
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

Born at Brecon 7 November 1747, of a Somerset family domiciled at Brecon since the early 17th century, and prominent in that town. He was one of the earliest pillars of (English) Wesleyan Methodism at Brecon, became a personal friend of John Wesley and corresponded with him [and though his claim to have been the first to suggest to Wesley the publication of the Arminian Magazine has been questioned, he appears to have advocated such a suggestion]. He was a prolific writer of religious verse — a list of his published writings is given in the D.N.B. article upon him. [Soon after Wesley's death, he embraced millenarian views.] He died at Hay, 3 December 1805. By his wife Mary Bevan (of Clyro, Rads.) he had six children; his second son Walter was town clerk of Brecon from 1814 till 1840.


Published date: 1959

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