Name: Eliza Constantia Campbell
Date of birth: 1796
Date of death: 1864
Spouse: Hugh Morrieson
Spouse: Robert Campbell
Child: Lewis Campbell
Parent: Richard Pryce
Gender: Female
Occupation: author
Area of activity: Literature and Writing
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

Born 8 January 1796, she was the daughter of Richard Pryce of Gunley near Forden (one of whose ancestors, Capt. Richard Pryce, was a prominent Montgomeryshire Roundhead). She was twice m.: first (1826) to Commander Robert Campbell, R.N. (d. 1832), a cousin of Thomas Campbell the poet — one of their sons was Lewis Campbell the Greek scholar; and secondly (1844) to Capt. Hugh Morrieson, E.I.C. (d. 1859).

She published Stories from the History of Wales, 1833, reissued in 1837 as Tales about Wales. She d. in 1864.


Published date: 1959

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