CADWALADR, ELLIS (fl. 1707-40), poet

Name: Ellis Cadwaladr
Gender: Male
Occupation: poet
Area of activity: Eisteddfod; Poetry
Author: Elwyn Evans

A native of Llandderfel, Meironnydd; he lived at Hafod Uchel. He wrote both in strict and in free metres. Some of his ballads were printed in the 18th century - e.g. Cerdd i ofyn Pâr o Ddillad o Rôdd Pendefig, and Cerdd o barchedigaeth urddasol Watkin Williams Wynne, Esq. Some of his poems are included in Blodeugerdd…, 1759. It appears from his poem ' Clod i Ferch,' which contains many classical names, that he had received a good education. There are many of his poems in manuscript: N.L.W. MS. 4971 contains about twenty.

He won in the chair competition at an eisteddfod held at Bala on Whit-Monday, 1738.


Published date: 1959

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