BOWEN, SAMUEL (1799 - 1887), Macclesfield, Independent minister and teacher

Name: Samuel Bowen
Date of birth: 1799
Date of death: 1887
Parent: Dafydd Bowen
Gender: Male
Occupation: Independent minister and teacher
Place: Macclesfield
Area of activity: Education; Religion
Author: Richard Griffith Owen

Born 10 October 1799 in Cilrhedyn parish, Carms. His father, David Bowen, was one of the founders of the Independent church in Blaen-y-coed to which place the family had moved. Samuel was educated at the Carmarthen Grammar School, and in January 1820 was admitted to the Academy at Llanfyllin which moved to Newtown in 1821. When, in 1824, he had completed his course there he was appointed to the college staff and, at the end of the year, was also appointed the first minister of Kerry chapel near Newtown. In 1829 he published a dissertation, Yr Iawn (the Atonement), which attracted considerable attention at the time and was republished in 1856. In 1830 he went to Macclesfield as minister and there he remained for thirty years. He left Macclesfield for Burnley and continued to preach until 1875. He died at Burnley 11 April 1887.


Published date: 1959

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