BEVAN, LLYWELYN (1661 - 1723), Independent minister

Name: Llywelyn Bevan
Date of birth: 1661
Date of death: 1723
Gender: Male
Occupation: Independent minister
Area of activity: Religion
Author: John Dyfnallt Owen

Born at Cwmllynfell, 1661. For several years he was Lewis Davies's right-hand man there. On 28 Sept. 1697 he was elected a teaching elder, and on 17 Nov. was ordained minister of Cwmllynfell and Gellionnen, and on 14 Jan. 1701 was released from Tirdwncyn to take charge of the two churches. He built up a strong Independent church in Cwmllynfell and ministered to a large area. His theology was that of a moderate Calvinist; he was evangelical in his preaching and democratic in his views on the nature and government of the church. He signed his will 7 Feb. 1722-3.


Published date: 1959

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