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AUBREY, WILLIAM (1759 - 1827), engineer

Name: William Aubrey
Date of birth: 1759
Date of death: 1827
Gender: Male
Occupation: engineer
Area of activity: Business and Industry; Engineering, Construction, Naval Architecture and Surveying
Author: John Roberts Evans

of Tredegar. Superintendent of the steam engines in the Tredegar iron-works. He was one of the pioneers of his craft in South Wales, specializing in the design and construction of all manner of machines powered by steam. As chief assistant to Watkin George, the mineral engineer, he shared the responsibility for the planning and erection, at the Cyfarthfa works, of the largest water system of its kind in Europe at that time. For over forty years he was in the employ of Samuel Homfray, the iron-master, at one or other of the latter's works. Greatly respected, as much for his personal integrity as for his technical skill, he was one of the leading citizens of his town. He died 22 July 1827.


Published date: 1959

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