ALICE verch Griffith ap Ieuan ap Llywelyn Fychan (fl. 1540-1570), a poetess

Name: Alice Verch Griffith Ap Ieuan Ap Llywelyn Fychan
Spouse: Dafydd Llwyd ap Rhys
Child: Edward Lloyd
Child: William Llwyd
Child: Thomas Llwyd
Child: John Llwyd
Parent: Sioned ferch Rhisiart ab Hywel
Parent: Gruffydd ap Ieuan ap Llywelyn Fychan
Gender: Female
Occupation: a poetess
Area of activity: Poetry
Author: Evan David Jones

Daughter of the gentleman poet, Gruffydd ap Ieuan ap Llewelyn Fychan (c. 1485 - 1553) of Llannerch in Llewenni Fechan, Denbighshire. Her mother was his first wife, Jonet, daughter of Richard ap Howel of Mostyn (died 1540).

Alice (or Alice Wen) was born about 1520, and married, about 1540, David Lloyd ap Rees of Vaynol, one of the Lloyds of Wigfair. Her children were John Lloyd (died 1615), registrar of S. Asaph, Thomas Lloyd of Vaynol (died 1602), William Lloyd, M.A., rector of Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant and Llanfechain, 1590-1600, and Llanwrin, and canon of S. Asaph cathedral, 1587-1600, and Edward Lloyd (died 1639), proctor of S. Asaph.

Little has been preserved of her bardic compositions - englynion on the type of husband she desired and on her views on her father's second marriage in old age, and a cywydd to reconcile Grigor y Moch and Davydd Llwyd Lwdwn.


Published date: 1959

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