AFAN (early 6th century), patron saint

Name: Afan
Parent: Cedig ap Ceredig ap Cunedda Wledig
Gender: Male
Occupation: patron saint
Area of activity: Religion
Author: John Edward Lloyd

He is described as the son of Cedig ap Ceredig ap Cunedda Wledig, and is associated, as ‘Afan Buellt,’ with the cantref of the name in Mid Wales. Here are two of his churches, viz. Llanafan-fawr and Llanafan-fach; the third is Llanafan in the valley of the Ystwyth. An inscription of c. 1300 at Llanafan-fawr runs: ‘Hic iacet sanctus Avanus Episcopus’; from this it has been inferred that he ruled over a diocese hereabouts, but in his age the title indicated rank and not a sphere of authority. His day is 16 (or 17) October; and his name is derived from the Latin Amandus.


Published date: 1959

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