AFAN (early 6th century), patron saint

Name: Afan
Parent: Cedig ap Ceredig ap Cunedda Wledig
Gender: Male
Occupation: patron saint
Area of activity: Religion
Author: John Edward Lloyd

He is described as the son of Cedig ap Ceredig ap Cunedda Wledig, and is associated, as ' Afan Buellt,' with the cantref of the name in Mid Wales. Here are two of his churches, viz. Llanafan-fawr and Llanafan-fach; the third is Llanafan in the valley of the Ystwyth. An inscription of c. 1300 at Llanafan-fawr runs: 'Hic iacet sanctus Avanus Episcopus'; from this it has been inferred that he ruled over a diocese hereabouts, but in his age the title indicated rank and not a sphere of authority. His day is 16 (or 17) October; and his name is derived from the Latin Amandus.


Published date: 1959

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