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JONES, HARRY LONGUEVILLE (1806 - 1870), cleric, antiquary, and inspector of schools

Name: Harry Longueville Jones
Date of birth: 1806
Date of death: 1870
Spouse: Fanny Jones (née Weston)
Child: Mildred Jones
Child: Louisa Jones
Child: Charlotte Jones
Child: Fanny Jones (née Weston)
Parent: Charlotte Elizabeth Jones (née Stephens)
Parent: Edward Jones
Gender: Male
Area of activity: Education; History and Culture; Religion
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

Born in 1806 in London, son of Edward Jones (of Wrexham). His family connections are recounted in A Hundred Tears of Welsh Archaeology (11-2) and his career up to 1846 there and (more fully) in D.N.B.

In 1846, he came to live at Llandegfan (Anglesey), and at the end of 1838 was appointed inspector of Church schools for Wales, an office which he resigned in 1864. Opposition to the project (1844) of uniting the two North Wales dioceses had already brought him into friendship with John Williams (ab Ithel), and their common interest in antiquarian matters led them to initiate and edit Archaeologia Cambrensis in January 1846, and to found the Cambrian Archaeological Association in 1847. Jones bore the costs of Arch. Camb. up to 1850, and seems to have lost much money over it. But when Williams became sole editor, divergences between the two men emerged — Williams's enthusiastic ‘Druidism’ assorted ill with Jones's scientific temper. In 1852, Williams resigned the editorship, and in 1855 Jones resumed it, retaining it till his death (of paralysis) on 16 Nov. 1870.

Over and above numerous articles (illustrated by himself) in Arch. Camb., Jones published several books, of which there is a list in D.N.B.


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